With Forter, we've found a fraud prevention solution that is just as centered around the customer as we are. That's better for our customers and better for our sales.
Juraj Striezenec
35,000 avg seats sold per day and 12,512,637,275 miles traveled by customers in 2018
Forter customer since 2016

Using Analytics to Reduce Friendly Fraud and Chargebacks

Manual reviews result in added friction and delayed decisions

In the past, Kiwi.com used a solution that required manual reviews adding friction, delaying decisions, and unhappy customers. Manual reviews took an average of five minutes to finish making the solution unscalable. Kiwi.com needed a solution that could keep up with its 140% annual growth without compromising accuracy.   

Focus on improving experience and supporting growth

Kiwi.com wanted a fully automated solution that eliminated the need for manual reviews and delivered instant, accurate decisions for every transaction. The company needed a solution that enabled it to provide customers a streamlined and seamless experience. The solution also needed to be scalable allowing for exponential growth.

Delivering fast, seamless, hassle free experience

Forter’s Payment Fraud Protection Solution has eliminated the need for manual reviews and decreased chargebacks by 40%. With Forter, Kiwi.com provides customers a fast, seamless, and  hassle-free online travel booking experience. In addition, fraud prevention solution will scale alongside Kiwi.com’s 140% growth.

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