Chargeback and heavy operation due to the manual process were pain points prior to Forter, especially chargebacks — which became zero thanks to Forter. Now we are able to apply the operational resources used for manual processes to other meaningful tasks.
Head of Technology and Digital
L’OCCITANE JAPON is a leading international manufacturer and retailer of sustainable beauty and wellness products, operating in 90 countries worldwide and has 3,000 retail outlets including 1,500 of its own stores.

L’OCCITANE increases revenue, creates additional resources with automation

Chargebacks, manual reviews lead to reduction in revenue

When chargebacks started to impact overall profit, L’OCCITANE JAPON integrated an internal rule-based filter alongside a manual review process, resulting in a “vicious cycle” of having to rely on experienced staff to detect fraud. Because of the speed at which the manual review process would take place, it also complicated the return process, costing time in addition to money.

Automation creates additional resources and revenue

Thanks to a partnership with Forter, L’OCCITANE JAPON was able to fully automate the decision making process, allowing the manual review team to shift to other priorities and projects previously not prioritized due to time and resource constraints. And with Forter’s Chargeback guarantee, L’OCCITANE JAPON was able to get out of the vicious cycle and start making decisions based on accurate forecasting.

A better consumer experience, positively impacting the bottom line

  • Approval rate increased to over 99%
  • Chargebacks reduced to nearly 0%
  • Eliminated manual reviews; giving teams more time to focus other priorities and projects

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