The ability to move fast and operate efficiently is really important. Forter’s innovative approach to automated and real-time decisioning has made them a great partner in expanding the business.
Larry Luo
5 million customers in 200+ countries

Limited fraud prevention, high chargebacks, and no flexibility

Limited data meant high chargebacks and monitoring risk

Offering price guarantees and a frictionless experience are key to success. Relying on limited data to authenticate transactions meant a very high chargeback rate and increased risk of credit card monitoring programs. needed to change, but they didn’t want to have to hire a team to manually review risky transactions. 

Focus on reducing chargebacks and a consistent experience

Fraud prevention based on automation and real-time decisioning would reduce chargeback rates while simultaneously raising approval rates, resulting in happier customers and increased revenue. To ensure a consistent experience, it was also crucial that the solution be able to seamlessly scale across different markets and regions.

Tailored fraud prevention lowers decline rate and chargebacks

Forter’s Payment Protection solution, fraud experts, and dedicated account management has helped lower the decline rate by 200% and decrease chargeback rates to less than 0.3%. no longer has to worry about monitoring programs, and can focus on expansion and providing customers with a frictionless rental experience.

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