Protect Your Business From Item Not Received Abuse

Abusers who file false INR claims are hurting your business’ bottom line.

What is Item Not Received Abuse?

An abusive customer receives their order, but falsely claims that they didn’t receive their order – usually to receive a full refund or another order at no cost.

After an abuser files a claim, a merchant’s team needs to evaluate the claim and determine how to respond – providing a full refund, declining the request, or some other action based on company policies.

For most merchants, their teams will likely assume the claim request is legitimate and approve a claim to ensure a positive customer experience.

Forter’s Item Not Received Abuse Protection enables merchants to identify and stop Item Not Received (INR) abusers.

Protect your Business’ Bottom Line from Abusive Claims

Proactively Prevent Abuse
Accurately distinguish between abusive and legitimate claims so you can protect your business before repeat abuse occurs
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Elminate the Costs of Abuse and Fraud
Protect your business’ bottom line by identifying and stopping INR abusers, so you can cut the costs of refunds, replacements, processing, and more for abusive claims.
Promote a Best-in-Class Customer Experience
Ensure that all legitimate Item Not Received claims are always accepted to provide the best customer experience possible – all without the fear of abuse or fraud.

Forter’s Item Not Received Abuse Protection

Forter’s real-time, fully integrated fraud prevention platform protects merchants from Item Not Received abuse so that they can protect their bottom-line from abuse, all while supporting legitimate customers and their claims.

Real Time Decisioning Across the Customer Journey
Your business is fully protected from abusive behaviors across every touchpoint. Receive actionable approve/decline decisions instantly to maximize INR efficiency and improve the overall customer experience
Tailored to Your Business
Through an ongoing partnership, Forter’s platform is completely tailored to your unique business – your business policies, risk appetite, and more – and how you want to handle abuse.
The Global Merchant Network
Identify repeat abusers by leveraging the power of a Global Merchant Network that has seen legitimate and abusive user behavior across a global network of 620+ million users.

Identity Linking

Forter's proprietary identity linking capabilities uncover hidden connections between user accounts to identify and stop abusers who may be trying to conceal their identity.

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Decision Dashboard

Get an in-depth view of your business and track returns activities from one easy to use dashboard.

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