Protect Your Most Loyal Customers

Merchants don't consider the value of loyalty programs. Consumers don't monitor their balance. And fraudsters are taking notice.

Loyalty Program Fraud Increased 89% Over the Last Year

Forter's Loyalty Program Fraud Protection secures your loyalty programs from Account Takeover (ATO), New Account Fraud, Transactional Fraud and Policy Abuse.

Forter helped us reduce loyalty program fraud by more than 60 percent while also building stronger relationships with our customers.

Doug Ferreira

Director, Financial Operations

Reap the Rewards

Increase Top and Bottom Line
Slash your loyalty fraud costs and streamline all loyalty fraud decisions to ensure your most loyal customers get the benefits they deserve.
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Grow Without Risk
Deliver new programs and experiences without worrying about loyalty fraud and abuse.
Proactively Prevent Fraud
Instantly approve only your business’ legitimate users and minimize direct loyalty fraud losses or tarnished reputation through an integrated fraud prevention platform.

Forter’s Loyalty Program Fraud Protection

Forter’s integrated fraud prevention platform protects your entire account portfolio – from sign up, to account access, to transfer and redemption of loyalty points, ensuring your loyalty programs are always protected.

Real-time Decisioning Across the Entire Customer Journey
Your loyalty accounts are fully protected from payment and redemption fraud, ATO attacks, new account fraud, and a variety of policy abuses.
Tailoring Your Business
In ongoing partnership, your fraud prevention solution is tailored to your business model, risk appetite, service portfolio, the markets you operate in, and more.
The Global Merchant Network
Instantly decision loyalty account authenticity based on the knowledge of both legitimate and fraudulent user behaviors seen across a global network of 620+ million users.
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Adaptive Authentication

Minimize friction and promote good user experience by ensuring step-up security challenges only trigger when absolutely necessary based on high-risk loyalty account activities during the session.

Predictive Fraud Research

Predictive Fraud Research and Modeling

Leverage actionable decisions in real-time. Forter’s decisions are 100% automated, actionable (Approve or Decline), and delivered instantly via API.

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Decision Dashboard

Get an in-depth view of your loyalty program and business ecosystem while being able to track KPIs at each point of the customer journey.

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