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risk-free policies

Enhance brand loyalty

Deliver the shopping experience customers love with personalized promotions, loyalty programs and brand perks

Cut the costs of abuse

Protect your bottom line with real-time decisions that cut off abusers at the start

Cover every point of the journey

Automatically enforce business policies across all channels and interactions

Why do leading brands choose Forter?

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“Forter’s Policy Abuse Protection enables merchants to accurately identify abusers, both online and offline, so they can offer consumer-friendly policies."

Vikrant Gandhi
Vikrant Gandhi
Industry Director
Policy Abuse Protection

Policy Abuse Protection

Protect your business from abusers violating your returns program and policies

  • Tailor prevention to your unique business and return policies
  • Expose serial abusers attempting to hide their identity
  • Instantly enforce your returns policies with automated decisions

Protect your business from abusers filing false INR claims

  • Tailor a solution to accurately enforce your business’ claims policies
  • Use Forter’s global merchant network to spot and stop abusers
  • Make smart claims evaluations in real-time, every time

Ensure promotions and coupons work for your sales, not against your profits

  • Enforce promo and coupon policies on the spot with real-time decisions
  • Recognize—and block—promo and coupon abusers by using Forter’s global merchant network
  • Tailor our solution to support and enforce your business’ unique promotional offers

Employ safeguards to detect and target unwanted resellers and reshippers

  • Enforce your business’ exact reseller and reshipper policies
  • Detect and block resellers and reshippers who violate your business policies
  • Make accurate, instant enforcement decisions based on data

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