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Policy Abuse Protection

Promotion Abuse Created with Sketch.

Promotion Abuse

Forter enables you to prevent financial losses due to users who take advantage of your promotions and coupons.

Return Abuse Created with Sketch.

Return Abuse

Identify and block consumers who abuse your business’ refund policies.

Friendly Fraud Protection Created with Sketch.

Friendly Fraud Protection

Forter enables you to identify and block accounts who engage in friendly fraud.

Reshipper Abuse Created with Sketch.

Reshipper Abuse

Accurately identify and block reshipper accounts according to your business policies.

Reseller Abuse Created with Sketch.

Reseller Abuse

Accurately identify and block reseller accounts according to your business policies.

Content Integrity Created with Sketch.

Content Integrity

Protect your ecosystem from unwanted or malicious content – including spam, abuse, and scams.

Case Study: Jomashop

Whitepaper: Taking a deeper dive into friendly fraud

Policy abuse, also known as friendly fraud, is a growing problem for merchants. Learn how to stop it.
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Forter Solutions

Payment Protection

  • Payment Fraud Protection
  • Phone Fraud Protection
  • PSD2 Solution for Merchants
  • Omnichannel Fraud Protection
  • Chargeback Guarantee
  • Chargeback & Claims Resolution
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Account Protection

  • Account Takeover
  • Loyalty Program Protection
  • Sign-Up Abuse
  • Marketplace Abuse
  • Seller Abuse
  • Private Label Card Applications
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Frost & Sullivan Names Forter the Industry Leader in E-Commerce Fraud Prevention