Maximize Customer Experience & Conversions with Full PSD2 Compliance

Fraudsters aren’t waiting for broad government enforcement. Neither should you. Protect your business and your customers now.


Forter's PSD2 Solution

Forter's PSD2 solution enables merchants to automatically evaluate the risk of each transaction and route it through the path of least possible friction. Watch the video to see how.

Key Benefits

The platform provides real-time fraud prevention decisions, Dynamic Authentication to streamline checkout flow, and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) using 3-D Secure.

Integrated Fraud Solution
Forter’s fraud prevention platform provides a comprehensive solution that protects your business across the entire customer journey.
Maximize Your Revenue
Increase top and bottom line revenue and boost approval rates while cutting fraud and related operational costs.
Grow Your Business
Execute your core business initiatives without letting fraud and risk concerns constrain your business.

Hear From Our Customers

Juraj Striezenec, CFO of

We knew we wanted to work with the best fraud-prevention partner available, and Forter’s suite of capabilities has been a game-changer for us.

Knowing we can meet the requirements of PSD2, while also mitigating the friction introduced by SCA  requirements, means we can focus on our core business objectives  and drive overall engagement with consumers.”

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- Juraj Striezenec, CFO of

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