Protect Your Returns Program From Abuse

Your returns program is a crucial part of your customer experience. Ensure it isn’t a target for abuse that hurts your bottom line.

Returns Abuse Costs Retailers $24B Per Year

Forter’s Returns Abuse Protection protects your returns programs by identifying and stopping returns abusers from hurting your business

Forter’s Returns Abuse Protection enables merchants to accurately identify abusers, both online and offline, so they can offer consumer-friendly policies. With the collective intelligence of its Global Merchant Network, Forter analyzes consumer behavior across all customer touch points to identify and stop abuse.

Vikrant Gandhi

Industry Director, Frost & Sullivan

Deliver a Customer-friendly Returns Policy – Without Risk

Increase Your Top-line Revenue Potential
Grow average order value and lifetime value by providing your customers with the best-in-class returns policy they deserve
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Cut Costs of Abuse and Fraud
Protect your business’ bottom-line and eliminate operational overhead by proactively identifying and stopping abusers
Deliver a Best-in-Class Customer Experience
Provide your most valued customers with the best returns experience possible – without the fear of abuse or fraud.

Forter’s Return Abuse Protection

Forter’s real-time, fully integrated fraud prevention platform protects merchants from returns abuse so that they can always offer a best-in-class returns program without risk.

Real Time Decisioning Across the Customer Journey
Your business is fully protected from abusive behaviors across every touch point. Receive actionable approve/decline decisions instantly and maximize fulfillment and returns efficiency.
Tailored to Your Business
Through an ongoing partnership, Forter’s platform is completely tailored to your unique business – your business policies, risk appetite, what constitutes abuse, and more – and how you want to handle abuse.
Identifying Returns Abusers
Leverage the power of a Global Merchant Network that has seen legitimate and abusive user behavior across a global network of 620+ million users.

Identity Linking

Forter's proprietary identity linking capabilities uncover hidden connections between user accounts to identify and stop abusers who may be trying to conceal their identity.

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Decision Dashboard

Track returns KPIs and get an in-depth view of your business’ return data from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

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