Improving the accuracy of bank authorization models

“Forter enables us to improve the accuracy of our authorization decisions and optimize the experience for our customers.”

Sarah Strauss
Head of Card Fraud

Connect directly with issuing banks to eliminate false declines

Increase authorization rates by 1-3%

Share fraud insights directly with issuers to enhance the accuracy of their authorization decisions

Gain access to a network of Issuers

Tap into Forter’s growing network of issuing banks with a single connection

Join an ecosystem of trust to deliver a best-in-class customer experience

Work together with players across the payments ecosystem to ensure that legitimate transactions are seamlessly approved

The impact of false declines

Up to 90% of bank declines due to suspicion of fraud are actually legitimate transactions BOOK A CONSULTATION

Merchants lose 75X more revenue to false declines than to fraud DOWNLOAD REPORT

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