Published: June 17, 2021
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Written by: Forter Team

As part of the recent International Women’s Day celebration, we had the chance to sit down with Sarah Mullen, COO at Adore Beauty, the first female-lead Australian company to go to IPO and recognized leader in the health and beauty industry.

Monica Acree, our Regional VP for APAC talked to Sarah about the evolution of her role at Adore Beauty and how the business has adapted to the current business and social environment.

Sarah talked about the primacy of the brand’s customers and the company’s desire to ensure that they build a seamless customer experience and a sense of community. As e-commerce sales increased exponentially over the past year, the focus was not only on capturing new customers but ensuring longer term relationships. Adore Beauty was able to do this by beating expectations and delighting customers with new products and services (like same day shipping on orders placed by 4pm). As a result, Adore Beauty has built an army of raving fans and a strong following for its Beauty IQ blog.

With operational responsibility for the entire business, Sarah also talked about the importance of finding the right partners with the right skill sets and experience to allow the internal team to focus on mission-critical work.

“Fraud is an area that a COO must focus on because you don’t want your team to be consumed by it or let it throttle your growth plans,” said Sarah. “Our partnership with Forter has taken it completely off the table. We still monitor but we no longer have to worry about it.”

For more details on the partnership between Adore Beauty and Forter, check out the recording of Monica’s fireside chat with Sarah, or read the case study.

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