Published: June 10, 2021
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Written by: Forter Team

If you have a store on the Adobe Commerce platform then you know how difficult it is to balance fraud prevention and a fast and seamless shopping experience. Maybe you’re struggling with a legacy fraud prevention system that falsely declines legitimate customers and adds unnecessary verification steps to the checkout process. Perhaps your customer service team has become overwhelmed with manual reviews because store growth has exceeded the capacity of your current fraud prevention tools. Well, the solution to your problems is one simple plug-in away.

That’s right. Forter’s award-winning, real-time fraud prevention solution is available as an Adobe Commerce plug-in. You can quickly incorporate our AI-powered, highly accurate fraud-fighting system into your Adobe Commerce store with a simple integration. And our plug-in for Adobe Commerce handles 80% of the integration work, so your store can go live with full fraud protection within 1-2 weeks.

Flexible and Adaptable E-Commerce

Most retailers turn away customers because they use legacy fraud prevention solutions that lack flexibility, relying on rigid rules and blacklisting that lead to many false declines. In fact, our research has found that merchants lose up to 75X more revenue to false declines than fraud.

The behavior of fraudsters and consumers constantly evolve which means you need a fraud prevention solution that can quickly adapt to new behaviors and fraud trends. You need a flexible and adaptable fraud prevention solution that can distinguish between the behavior of legitimate customers and fraudsters. Only then can you accept good orders from genuine customers no matter how complex their buying story and avoid false declines.

One of our customers, Lethal Performance, uses our Adobe Commerce fraud prevention plug-in to accurately recognize behaviors of good customers that appear suspicious. The company had a number of customers who demonstrated signs often associated with fraudsters: shipping to warehouses, buying in bulk, and billing/shipping/IP address mismatches.

With Forter, Lethal Performance now has the flexibility and behavioral understanding to approve all those orders where the suspicious signs are present for totally legitimate reasons:

“The increase in approvals has had a direct impact on our bottom line. It’s great to know we can accept these orders now. And it’s not just a sale each time – it’s a customer, hopefully for life.”

Jonas Cooper, CTO, Lethal Performance

The ability to approve more good customers directly boosts your bottom line. When Adobe Commerce customers install our plug-in, they see an average 3-5% revenue increase at go live. Our fraud prevention solution not only allows you to approve more customers but also provide customers convenient omnichannel shopping options.

The Best Omnichannel Experiences

Consumers today expect merchants to provide the ability for customers to shop online whenever and wherever they want. They expect merchants to provide a first-class shopping experience on all devices, especially mobile. They also want merchants to provide convenient services like Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) and same-day shipping. However, few legacy fraud prevention systems can evaluate transactions fast enough or accurately enough for merchants to provide these services. And you won’t find many legacy systems designed to accommodate mobile shopping.

Forter’s fraud prevention QuickStart plug-in for Adobe Commerce is mobile-first, and it provides the operational speed and efficiency necessary to offer shopping essentials like BOPIS and same-day delivery. With our plug-in, your customers can shop your Adobe Commerce store on any device and buy your products wherever they are and whenever they want.

Fraser Hart uses our plug-in to automate fraud prevention throughout the customer journey. Because our solution includes accurate, real-time fraud decisioning the company can offer their customers BOPIS ,  also known as “click and collect,” in all their Fraser Hart Locations. Gail Banim, Director of E-Commerce and Marketing, Fraser Hart, explains in this YouTube video how Forter’s solution has helped the company automate fraud prevention and increase approvals:

“Automating fraud prevention has saved a considerable amount of time within the Customer Happiness Team. Our approval rate has gone up from 19% to 98.9%. That means all our genuine customers are going straight through the system and only the fraudsters are getting caught. Forter has saved us a great deal of time. It allows us to focus on other areas of the business.”

Forter’s integration allows you to take advantage of Adobe Commerce’s platform customization to offer new and innovative services. And you can ensure that legitimate customers breeze through checkout while fraudsters get blocked.

E-Commerce that Can Scale

You can’t grow your business if your e-commerce platform can’t scale to accommodate a rapidly growing user base and constantly changing fraud trends. Forter’s fully automated system provides highly accurate fraud decisions in less than a second—for every single transaction. So, It doesn’t matter how many orders you have in an hour. It doesn’t matter how huge your flash sales are. And it doesn’t matter if you have your busiest holiday season on record. With Forter, your Adobe Commerce store can handle the load.

We mentioned Lethal Performance earlier. Well, in the first two years of partnering with Forter, the company saw 205% growth in e-commerce sales:

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Forter has contributed to our growth and success. Instant approvals, smooth checkout, and fast fulfillment are obviously hugely popular with our customers, matching and supporting the very high levels of customer service we aim to provide at all times. And automation is the obvious answer for any growing business – you just can’t scale effectively without it.”

 – Jonas Cooper, CTO, Lethal Performance

When your store has an accurate fraud prevention solution with real-time decisioning, the sky’s the limit when it comes to speed and scale.

A Fast and Seamless Shopping Experience

One of the things many Adobe Commerce clients love about the platform is the ability it gives them to customize their stores to suit the needs of their customers. After all, the happier your customers are with their experience on your site, the more likely they are to buy.

Fraud prevention often represents a hurdle in creating a good customer experience, since it usually involves delays and friction. However, our fraud prevention solution is designed to maximize approvals, providing instant yes/no decisions for every transaction. Our plug-in enables Adobe Commerce merchants to provide every legitimate customer a fast and seamless shopping experience. Legitimate customers never have to deal with unwanted friction, such as false declines and manual reviews, which can cause long delays.

Before partnering with Forter, Jomashop used a fraud prevention system that relied on manual reviews which were time-consuming and delayed the shipment of orders by three days. The company needed a solution that would increase approvals while still preventing fraud:

“We sell some high-end items—transactions can be up to $80,000,” Karnowsky says. “Having a faster approve/decline decision with Forter gives customers less time for buyer’s remorse. We find there are fewer cancellations because of this. It’s a more seamless experience for the customer.”

Most consumers have little patience for delays. So, if you have a legacy fraud prevention solution prone to false declines and reliant on manual reviews, you risk losing good customers to competitors because of delays and a less than ideal customer experience. Forter’s real-time decisioning allows merchants to process and fulfill orders quickly leading to happier customers and a boost in revenue.

Try Forter’s Adobe Commerce Fraud Prevention Plug-In

As you can see, there are many reasons Forter’s fraud prevention QuickStart plug-in is good news for businesses using Adobe Commerce. It allows you to convert more customers and proactively stop fraud all while delivering a seamless shopping experience. It allows you to scale your Adobe Commerce store and offer convenient services like BOPIS and same-day shipping without added risk.

If you operate an Adobe Commerce store and want a highly accurate, automated fraud prevention solution that never adds friction or unnecessary delays for your customers, our plug-in for Adobe Commerce is for you. And did we mention that it comes with a full fraud chargeback guarantee?

Get in touch with Forter to learn more or request a demo.

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