Transforming Retailer Security and Efficiency with Forter, Powered by AWS

Forter is excited to announce the achievement of the prestigious Amazon Web Services (AWS) Retail Competency. Reflecting our robust capabilities and commitment to the retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) sectors, this achievement further solidifies Forter’s market position and close collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Retail and Consumer Goods industries.

This milestone, part of Forter’s broader alignment with AWS, includes Forter’s listing on the AWS Marketplace and its recognition as an Advanced Technology and ISV Accelerate Partner. These developments bring significant advantages to retail merchants, enhancing their security and operational efficiency.

Among the tens of thousands of partners supporting the retail industry, only 100 + AWS Partners have achieved this specific AWS Competency, and we are proud to be one of them. 

Enhanced Credibility with AWS Retail Competency

The AWS Competency Partner Program is designed to identify, validate, and promote AWS Partners with demonstrated AWS technical expertise and proven customer success. These AWS Partners have passed a rigorous technical validation rooted in the AWS Well-Architected framework for designing, building and operating reliable, secure, and efficient solutions in the cloud.

AWS Retail Competency Partners deliver cutting-edge industry technology solutions and expert consulting services that empower retailers to modernize and drive innovation across their entire enterprise. 

“Forter’s AWS Retail Competency achievement is a significant milestone, underscoring the company’s technical proficiency and track record of delivering leading fraud and customer experience,” said Kevin McCurdy, Global Consumer Goods AWS Partner Segment Leader, AWS. “The certification process is rigorous, ensuring that partners meet AWS’ high security, performance, and reliability standards. This recognition offers AWS customers greater confidence in selecting Forter as a trusted partner validated by AWS.”

Validated AWS Partners like Forter provide proven solutions and services that accelerate retailers’ digital transformation journeys, enabling them to maintain a competitive edge and deliver exceptional customer experiences that foster consumer loyalty and growth.

Visibility and Opportunities in the AWS Community

With the AWS Retail Competency, Forter gains enhanced visibility and credibility among Retail and CPG sellers within the AWS organization and community. This is crucial as the AWS industry team for Retail and Consumer Goods maintains strict criteria for partner certification, ensuring that only those partners that have proven themselves leaders in leveraging AWS solutions and services achieve this status.

Forter’s inclusion in the AWS Partner Finder under the “Retail” category allows both AWS teams and potential customers to easily identify and engage with Forter for their specific solution needs. The listing also features links to customer stories, providing real-world examples of Forter’s impact and success.

Expanding Market Reach through AWS Marketplace

Listing on the AWS Marketplace is a significant advantage for Forter, enabling easier access for merchants to integrate Forter’s solutions. AWS Marketplace helps retailers easily discover, procure, deploy, and manage cloud technology and data management solutions purpose-built for the retail industry. 

This means merchants can now seamlessly purchase or renew Forter through our AWS Marketplace listing, bringing ease and efficiency to the procurement process. If you’re part of AWS’ Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) or have a Private Pricing Agreement (PPA) in place, you can use these funds towards your Forter purchases through AWS Marketplace.

The transaction process is smooth, secure, and conducted through a Private Offer mechanism. Within AWS Marketplace, Forter offers two billing models: a fixed fee per month or a prepaid upfront model with usage drawdown. All the contract terms are neatly captured in the Forter MSA and cover sheet, which are conveniently attached to the Private Offer in AWS Marketplace for your reference.

By being part of this ecosystem, Forter ensures its solutions are more accessible to a broader range of businesses looking to enhance their fraud prevention measures.

Future Prospects and Collaboration

Looking ahead, Forter’s continued collaboration with AWS paves the way for further innovation and collaboration, especially within the retail space. This visibility reinforces our commitment to providing innovative fraud prevention solutions tailored to the unique needs of the retail sector, fostering deeper collaborations, and driving mutual growth.

Achievement of the AWS Retail Competency and the listing on the AWS Marketplace represent significant strides in expanding Forter’s reach and influence in the retail sector. For merchants, this means enhanced security, reliability, and innovation in fraud prevention, supported by the robust and trusted AWS community.

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