Reinforcing the Power of a Platform

By Scott Buchanan, CMO

The fraud and payment ecosystem is increasingly complex and in constant motion. There’s increasing pressure from sophisticated fraudsters, bots, and even liar buyers. Plus, there’s a more complex ecosystem of commerce platforms, payment service providers, and issuers to navigate. And leaders across fraud, payments, and product teams are no longer limited to focusing on checkout — their domain extends across the entire digital commerce journey. 

In search of respite, some teams add point solutions at each critical step along the journey; in doing so, they accumulate more data sources and more rules to manage and end up with a more siloed view of the consumer. Instead, Forter offers a platform allowing teams to shift from: 

  • Multiple rules sets to a single decision engine
  • Siloed data sources to a global network
  • Evaluating transactions to understanding identity

Forter is the Trust Platform for digital commerce. More than 200,000 businesses now benefit from Forter’s real-time decisions, and in the past 12 months, we’ve processed $350 billion in gross merchandise value, many times more than our nearest competitors. As a result, we know far more online identities and can more accurately assess the trustworthiness of each incremental identity — so our customers get superior results, maximize revenue and minimize chargebacks. 

Although we’ve strengthened and simplified our platform, these changes have no implications for our existing customers’ subscriptions with Forter. 

Here’s What’s New

We understand it’s noisy in the fraud prevention and payment optimization markets, and we want the value of a Trust Platform to be more straightforward. So today, we’ve made some changes that simplify our solution naming and packaging. Most notably, we’ve renamed our solutions to better align with industry-best practices and the use cases that matter most to customers.

  1. Fraud Management: Make more accurate and instant decisions at checkout to stop fraud, reduce chargebacks, approve more transactions, and delight customers. 
  2. Payment Optimization: Share insights with issuers and card networks to increase authorization rates and leverage Smart 3DS to approve borderline transactions, minimize friction, shift liability, and maintain PSD2 compliance.
  3. Chargeback Recovery: Eliminate the manual toil of chargebacks; identify the right claims, consolidate data and manage representation to improve win rates and recover lost revenue.
  4. Abuse Prevention: Identify and stop repeat policy abusers (returns, INR, reseller, reshipper, and promotions) to protect revenue and maintain a quality brand experience for your genuine customers. 
  5. Identity Protection: Apply Forter’s deep understanding of identity to stop account takeovers and fake account creation at sign-up and sign-in to protect account integrity and drive customer loyalty.

These solutions map tightly to the critical decisions across the digital commerce journey. And, importantly, they’re unified by a single portal. Instead of managing a myriad of point solutions, rule sets, and data sources, our users can see a complete picture of the consumer — and every key insight and data point — with a single login. See for yourself — request a personalized demo.  

And, in the name of simplicity, we’ve made it even easier to get started with Forter — we’ve packaged up the first three solutions above (Fraud Management + Payment Optimization + Chargeback Recovery) into an offering with simple, flexible pricing. With new integration points and onboarding tools, the days of a multi-month integration and IT queues are long gone. Leaders across industries are going live with Forter in a matter of weeks. 

Fraud and the broader ecosystem are complex. As the Trust Platform for digital commerce, Forter is on a mission to restore simplicity and put our customers, who are fraud fighters, payment superstars, and product gurus, in the spotlight.