Published: February 26, 2020
Reading time: 2 minute read
Written by: Kayla Parker

The Faces of Forter: A Peek Into Forter’s Team of Fraud Experts

When it comes to working in fraud prevention, every day is different. As fraudsters grow more sophisticated, new and emerging attack vectors can surprise even the most seasoned fraud professionals. No matter who you ask, everyone at Forter has a story or two, straight from fraud-fighting front lines. 

In our new series, Faces of Forter, we’re diving deep into the trenches, exposing unique fraud insights and expertise from Forter’s most experienced fraud investigators, researchers, and problem solvers. From uncovering elaborate fraud rings to interesting findings on the dark web, Forter’s fraud researchers and analysts have seen it all, and we’re here to let them tell their stories. 

In our first episode, Osnat Karkashon, Customer Success Manager and Recovery Specialist, reveals how she works to empower and educate her customers every day. “This is what we do, this is our expertise,” she explains, noting that Forter’s hands-free solution enables customers to focus on what really matters to them, while she gathers the insights and data they’ll need to stop even the most sophisticated fraudsters. 

An OTA Under Attack

Osnat shares the story of one of her customers, a new online travel agency that chose to start working with Forter before they even went live. “It was a very smart move,” she notes, “because their first transaction was fraudulent.” She elaborates that because of Forter’s expansive global network of data, which protects over $150 billion in processed transactions every year, Forter was already familiar with the fraudsters lining up to exploit this new site. Recognizing the consumers behind 97% of all online purchases made in the US, Forter immediately armed this new online travel agency with the data and the means to block these fraudsters before they had the chance to attack. 

“Sometimes it’s a matter of survival for businesses,” Osnat adds. Businesses that aren’t mitigating their fraud properly will see their consumers lose trust in their brand, resulting in lost lifetime value and disastrous impacts on overall brand reputation. Without the right fraud prevention partner, stories like these are all too common. However, fraudsters didn’t stand a chance against Forter’s fortified front line and this online travel agency was able to launch their service and grow into new markets without any hiccups. 

Osnat closes by expressing her excitement towards the future of e-commerce. Merchants using Forter’s integrated fraud prevention platform are not only able to stop these types of attacks, but they can also enable anyone, anywhere in the world, to make a purchase safely and seamlessly, without the fear of fraud. 

Watch the video to hear Osnat’s full story, and stay tuned for the next story from the front lines, in the continuation of our Faces of Forter series.

2 minute read