Eliminate fraud and chargebacks, while growing your business

Fighting fraud in a holistic, scalable way requires automated, real-time decisions at every step in the customer journey.

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The Forter Platform

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Increase your top & bottom line
Boost your business’ revenue by improving approval rates, entering new markets, and providing new offerings – all while eliminating fraud and risk.
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Focus on business growth
Remove friction and improve the overall customer experience, so you can focus on growing your core business.
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Control your approach to fraud
Take control over your fraud prevention strategy so that your team can proactively identify and prevent fraud before it hits.

Integrated Fraud Prevention Platform

    Decisions in Real-Time

    Forter provides accurate decisions that are 100% in real-time, 100% automated, and 100% scalable so you can provide the best customer experience possible.

    Evaluate every customer interaction

    Architected from the ground up to scale, enabling merchants to immediately detect and prevent any fraud attack at any point of the customer journey.

    Tailored solution for enterprises

    Because each of our customers is unique, Forter’s fraud prevention platform is tailored to meet your specific needs.


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Global Merchant Network
Forter's leverages data and customer behavior across our Global Merchant Network to build the broadest picture of your customers, constantly protecting your business from fraud.
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Predictive Fraud Research & Modeling
Forter’s team of fraud experts and data scientists researches fraud trends, patterns, and attack vectors for your business, and then engineers ways to identify and stop them before they can hurt you.
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Merchant Input & Feedback
Leverage your fraud expertise to tailor and improve Forter’s machine learning solution for their unique business to maximize performance.

Forter Solutions

Payment Protection

  • Payment Fraud Protection
  • Phone Fraud Protection
  • PSD2 Solution for Merchants
  • Omnichannel Fraud Protection
  • Chargeback Guarantee
  • Chargeback & Claims Resolution
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Account Protection

  • Account Takeover
  • Loyalty Program Protection
  • Sign-Up Abuse
  • Marketplace Abuse
  • Seller Abuse
  • Private Label Card Applications
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Policy Abuse Protection

  • Return Abuse
  • Item Not Received Abuse
  • Promo Abuse
  • Reseller Abuse
  • Reshipper Abuse
  • Content Integrity
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