Published: November 29, 2016
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Written by: Forter Team

Forter is proud to announce that we’ve been named in the 2016 Deloitte Israel Technology Fast 50 – Rising Star awards. As Shally Tshuva, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Leader at Deloitte Israel explains, “The Deloitte Israel Fast 50 – Rising Star ranks companies based on their sustained revenue growth over two years. Being one of the young fastest growing technology companies in Israel is a great indication on what’s ahead for Forter.”

Tshuva continued, “Making it on the Technology fast 50 shows a deep understanding of the market. Presenting such growth rates shows that Forter holds the agility needed to prosper in a challenging and dynamic market. Being part of the Technology Fast 50 Ranking shows that Forter managed to successfully cross the chasm and that they are more than ready to face future challenges.”

It’s been a good year for Forter, which was named a Gartner Cool Vendor 2016, mentioned in 3 Gartner Hype Cycles and discussed in the Gartner Market Guide to Online Fraud Detection. All that is in addition to 13 other awards this year alone, many of which were for innovation.

It’s that innovation which CEO Michael Reitblat thinks is behind this run of success. Forter is able to offer something completely new in the fraud detection and fraud prevention market – the first in the world to provide a service based on full automation: instant, guaranteed yes/no fraud decisions.

“Obviously, we’re delighted to have made the Rising Star list this year,” commented Forter CEO Michael Reitblat. “It’s a true reflection of both the need that Forter’s product fills and the value that Forter’s customers find in the solution.”

Online merchants who prioritize streamlined shopping, frictionless checkout and fast fulfillment are understandably excited about a solution which turns a traditionally friction-filled element of e-commerce into a friction-free one.

More than that, Forter’s customers appreciate the sense of security and predictability that Forter brings to an area of the business which has previously been associated with risk. With the full chargeback guarantee, combined with the fact that Forter charges only for approved transactions (ensuring that the company’s interests are always aligned with their clients’) fraud prevention becomes a predictable item in a P&L spreadsheet.

Best of all, companies are no longer distracted from their core expertise by the need to constantly reevaluate fraud trends, techniques and technologies. With Forter’s solution, which is tailored to each customer, the individual needs and risk profiles of every company is accommodated right from the start.

Rietblat notes that “Forter’s solution is highly accurate – rather than risk averse – leading to high approvals and low chargebacks (which is fortunate, since we cover them). This is true across industries, and while each customer benefits from the growth and knowledge of the system as a whole, we emphasize the personalized tailoring which occurs for each merchant. The results speak for themselves – something that is reflected in the Rising Star award.”

You can read more about the results experienced by jeweler James Allen, electronic goods merchant Macsales, Magento-based Lethal Performance and many others.

2 minute read