Published: May 21, 2024
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Written by: Forter Team

Have you ever wondered why some digital commerce transactions are flagged as trustworthy while others raise suspicion for fraud? Or perhaps you’re looking for an engaging way to help your team understand the nuances of fraud decisioning? Maybe you’re curious about how your fraud-fighting skills measure up against your peers. If so, the “Fraud Force: Truth or Fraud?” video game is just for you!

“Fraud Force: Truth or Fraud? is an educational video game designed to help players quickly and accurately make fraud decisions. It’s a learning tool and a fun, competitive experience. The game provides explanations for each decision and additional resources for further learning opportunities, making it entertaining and educational.

Who Is It For?

The game is for fraud, payments, and digital audiences looking for a surprising and delightful way to hone their skills. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, “Fraud Force” offers a unique opportunity to learn and compete.

What’s the Objective?

In “Fraud Force: Truth or Fraud?” players test their skills in a fast-paced, competitive environment. The objective is to fight intergalactic fraudsters by making as many accurate fraud decisions as possible within 60 seconds.

How to Play

Players have just 60 seconds to decide whether to trust or block the transactions shown. You can play in one of three industries: Apparel, Food, or Digital Goods. At the end of the game, you’ll see your score, review your decisions, and learn why they were right or wrong.

Additionally, players can see how they rank on the leaderboard, adding an extra layer of competition and motivation.

Ready to put your skills to the test? Play the game here. For an extra challenge, go head-to-head against Doriel Abrahams, Principal Technologist at Forter and Host of What the Fraud?, for your chance to win a $100 prize! 

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