Published: December 24, 2019
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Written by: Kayla Parker

This year’s holiday shopping hit record highs.

Amid this increased holiday traffic, which six items did fraudsters target most this season?

  1. iPhone 11 Pro. Apple’s latest iPhone hit the market just in time for the holidays this year. The newest iteration of the phone was one of the most targeted items for fraud attacks, seeing attacks 20 times the normal rate. Electronic goods are notoriously favored by fraudsters, as they are high value and easy to resell.
  2. AirPods. Fraudsters want to connect wirelessly too. AirPods, Apple’s wireless Bluetooth earbuds were highly targeted this season. These headphones saw attack rates nearly 10 times the normal rate. With iPhones and other electronic goods in such high demand by good and fraudulent customers alike, it is no surprise this companion product topped fraudsters’ wishlists this year.
  3. Gift Cards. Fraud attacks on gift cards are consistently high, especially during the holiday season. With increased legitimate traffic over this period, fraudsters likely slip in with the holiday rush undetected. Gift cards are easy to liquidate and gratification is instant, leading to fraud attacks 10 times the normal rate.
  4. Makeup and Skincare. Beauty products in general have been growing in popularity, as more brands are offering their goods online, beyond just their brick and mortar stores. Lipstick specifically was a highly targeted product this season, seeing attacks 7 times the normal rate.
  5. Computer Consoles. Computer consoles were extremely attractive targets this year, part of a trend that saw 6 times the typical number of attacks over the holiday weekend. Fraudsters will likely resell these items as shoppers looking to score good deals will search via third party sites to find the best bargains.
  6. Boots. These boots were made for walking. Fraudsters looking to stay stylish this season specifically targeted boots, nearly 5 times the normal rate. Shoes are ideal targets since they are relatively valuable and are typically easy to resell via third party sites.

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