Published: October 15, 2016
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Written by: Liron Damri

If you’re a merchant with a store on the Magento platform, and you’re thinking about Magento fraud prevention, you’ll want to know that Forter’s highly accurate, frictionless, completely automated real-time solution comes with a Magento extension. Well, it does.

You can get all the advantages of Forter’s sophisticated fraud fighting system, with instant, guaranteed fraud decisions, with a simple integration through your Magento store.

Why Magento = Why Forter

What’s interesting is that if you take a look at the Magento site and explore the reasons that businesses love Magento, you’ll see that there’s a tremendous overlap with the reasons that companies love Forter. That means that if you’re on the Magento platform, and you care about protecting your profits from fraud, Forter is probably a good fit for you too.

Commerce without Limits

“The world’s most flexible commerce platform”

Flexibility is key to e-commerce success, and Forter’s system is designed to accommodate that. Fraud prevention isn’t usually great at flexibility; rigid rules and blacklisting often mean that retailers turn away good customers. In fact, a recent Business Insider report found that businesses lose more to false positives than they save through fraud prevention.

Forter breaks through those norms. Rather than risk-averse, it’s highly accurate, so you can accept good orders from genuine customers no matter how complex their buying story happens to be.

One of Forter’s customers, a business that uses Forter’s solution as their Magento fraud prevention solution, found this accuracy and flexibility particularly helpful. They had a number of customers who demonstrated signs which are often associated with fraudsters: shipping to warehouses, buying in bulk, and a billing/shipping/IP address mismatch.

With Forter, they now have the flexibility to approve all those orders where the suspicious signs are present for totally legitimate reasons:

“The increase in approvals has had a direct impact on our bottom line. It’s great to know we can accept these orders now. And it’s not just a sale each time – it’s a customer, hopefully for life.”
Jonas Cooper, CTO

The Omnichannel Experience

“Sell on mobile.” “Sell on a plane.”

Today’s customer expects to be able to shop online wherever they are, and whatever they’re doing. Many fraud prevention solutions aren’t able to full accommodate that new reality. Systems created even five years ago aren’t designed as mobile-first, and there’s only so much you can do to retrofit.

Forter is multi-award winning for innovation. It’s hardwired into our vision, our company and our solution. That means we’re continually refining our system to fulfill your needs, and those of your customers.

Forter’s Magento fraud prevention extension is mobile-first. That means it is designed to treat mobile customers as mobile customers. It doesn’t rely on e-commerce knowledge and norms and ignoring the unique properties of mobile.

With the Forter extension, customers on your Magento store can buy from anywhere, using any device. You can rest assured that the good ones will fly through while the bad ones are blocked.

Satisfy Customer Cravings

“Enjoy sales spikes with a platform that scales with your success. Busy businesses thrive on Magento.”

Scale is one of the great advantages of automation. It doesn’t matter how many orders you have in an hour, it doesn’t matter how huge the sale you’re having, and it doesn’t matter if this is your busiest holiday season on record. Forter’s fully automated system still provides highly accurate fraud decisions in less than a second, for every single transaction. That’s what you can do when you remove the manual component.

Lethal Performance uses the Magento platform, and has been with Forter for two years. During that time they’ve seen 205% growth in their e-commerce sales. With the combination of Magento and Forter as their Magento fraud prevention, that growth has been exclusively a source of joy. Scaling has been completely smooth.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Forter has contributed to our growth and success. Instant approvals, smooth checkout and fast fulfillment are obviously hugely popular with our customers, matching and supporting the very high levels of customer service we aim to provide at all times. And automation is the obvious answer for any growing business – you just can’t scale effectively without it.”
Jonas Cooper, CTO, Lethal Performance

You can view the full case study here.

Create Beautiful Experiences

“Design a commerce experience that’s a perfect fit for your brand, and delight your customer.”

Companies on Magento care about their customers. One of the things many Magento clients love about the platform is the ability it gives them to customize to suit their customers’ needs. The happier your customers are with their experience on your site, the more likely they are to buy. The Magento website quotes one very satisfied customer:

osher-karnowsky-magento-quoteWhile it might seem that fraud prevention is a million miles away from the topics of smooth consumer experience and delighting your customers, Forter’s ability to contribute to both is something that our partners particularly appreciate about our solution. As it happens, the same Osher Karnowsky has been a very satisfied Forter customer for two and a half years now. Jomashop finds Forter’s Magento fraud prevention to be a great fit with the rest of what’s great about the platform:

“We sell some high end items—transactions can be up to $80,000,” Karnowsky says. “Having a faster approve/decline decision with Forter gives customers less time for buyer’s remorse. We find there are fewer cancellations because of this. It’s a more seamless experience for the customer.”

Fraud prevention often represents a hurdle in creating good customer experience, since it usually involves delays and friction. With Forter, the opposite is true. Since Forter’s solution – and that includes our Magento fraud prevention extension – provides instant yes/no decisions for every transaction, and is designed to maximize approvals, it directly contributes to a swift, smooth customer experience. There’s no friction, and there are never any delays.

You can read more about Forter’s work with Jomashop here and download the case study directly here.

Using Magento? Try Forter’s Extension

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why Forter’s extension is particularly good news for any e-commerce business that’s using Magento. If your store is on Magento, and you’d like an easy integration with a Magento fraud prevention provider which is highly accurate at stopping fraud and never adds friction or delay for your customers, Forter is your answer. And did we mention that it comes with a full fraud chargeback guarantee?

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