Published: January 31, 2018
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Written by: Kayla Parker

Mobile is the word on everyone’s lips. Office kitchens are buzzing with questions of who has the latest smartphone, what the camera and hardware specs may be, and how best to mount a proper defense to prove to their peers that the right purchase was made. As new devices are introduced into the mobile ecosystem, chatter also surrounds growing fears of how best to keep personal data safe.

Mobile Is The Way We Are Feelin’

E-commerce businesses are looking to enhance their mobile strategies in 2018. Growth in mobile wallets, in-store mobile purchases, and mobile bill payment methods have increased as merchants seek to keep shoppers hooked by the tips of their fingers.

It’s rare to see someone walking or sitting anywhere without their mobile device on-hand. The more ubiquitous these devices become, the more importance consumers will place on how well mobile applications or mobile stores run on their devices. The easier e-commerce merchants make it to shop via mobile, the more seamless their customers’ retail experiences will become and the more likely those customers will be to return.

Growing the utility of mobile apps is essential in creating long-term, loyal clientele. Customers want their stores to be as nimble as their smartphones — no friction, just frictionless shopping. 

Merchants Going Mobile

Merchants along every vertical and in every segment of the e-commerce marketplace are moving towards mobile. In 2017, 12 merchant segments falling under the categories of toys, hobbies, sporting goods, and jewelry generated 50% or more of their revenue from their mobile channels alone.

Merchants are expecting this revenue stream to continue on an upward trajectory into the coming months of the new year, even possibly comprising the majority of their total revenue.

“In This Day And Age, [David], Nothing Costs More Than Information.”

Nearly 20 years ago, Steven Spielberg’s film “A.I. Artificial Intelligence,” got it right. Information and the leveraging of such data can be powerful. Data breaches in 2017 have highlighted time and again, the fragility of these networks of information.

As our technology advances (think of biometric scanning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and specifically AI), vulnerabilities and risks to our personal data will become more acute. These advances will provide a greater suite of services to customers and integration capabilities will eliminate many of the commonly felt human frictions in the marketplace. As such, security measures will similarly need to keep pace.

Prevention Here, There, Everywhere

Forter’s fraud prevention solution is not just a one-size fits all fix. Instead, Forter’s system is tailored to your specific marketplace, and to your unique fingerprint of pain points. Fully automated and highly nuanced, Forter’s approve/decline fraud decisions occur in less than a second and more than 70% of the time, we can spot the fraudster in disguise before he even makes it to checkout.

Forter knows that e-commerce merchants need a fraud solution not just fitting for desktop website shoppers but for all users shopping while on-the-go using their mobile devices. Forter offers integration for mobile through an SDK, accommodating the specific profile of mobile commerce fraud and fraudsters while also optimizing the purchase experience for genuine customers.

Same Great Forter Prevention, Now End-To-End

Forter’s mobile fraud prevention solution has always been the most efficient and accurate in the market. Now, more than ever, our suite of services covers your users from End-to-End (E2E).

Your customer’s personal data and private information is vulnerable in places on your platform beyond just the point of checkout. Forter’s E2E solution will be with you, every step of the way. Our highly nuanced and intelligent models, based on machine learning and refined by human researchers, stays up to date with the latest behavioral trends and fraud techniques automatically. No more manual reviews. Instead, the Forter solution combines the best of human ingenuity and research with the speed and accuracy of the machine.

From mobile logins, to coupons, referrals, checkout and beyond, Forter will be there to fortify your mobile market.

Interested in hearing more about what Forter’s fraud prevention solution can do for your mobile marketplace? Get in touch.

3 minute read