Published: November 2, 2020
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Written by: Forter Team

E-commerce has shifted significantly in 2020, with a large movement online and many industries seeing a spike of new customers. While this presents new revenue opportunities for many merchants, it also creates risk. For example, new users are 5-7 times more likely than returning customers to have their payments declined by the majority of today’s fraud management systems. New e-commerce stores are vulnerable without the right protection in place.

To provide cutting-edge protection for their clients, Red Van Workshop, a leading Salesforce Systems Integrator, has partnered to integrate Forter’s leading fraud solutions into their NEW Autobahn for Commerce Cloud product offering.

When building Autobahn, we wanted to architect the best possible way to launch an SFRA storefront, and we worked hard to offer flexible options for our clients with prebuilt integrations from industry-leading partners. As a recognized leader in fraud protection, Forter was a natural fit for us to secure transactions and experiences for clients and their customers. Fraud is becoming more and more prevalent in the e-commerce space, and with Forter, we can ensure our client’s brands are protected.

-Mark Barnum, Partner, Red Van Workshop

Built-in protection from Day One

Autobahn – the fastest, most comprehensive way to launch a Salesforce storefront – is a turnkey ecommerce solution that allows brands to go to market at lightning speed with the associated cost reduction. Designed for growth and scalability, Red Van Workshop took the most requested features and integrations from over a decade of working with the world’s best brands and built them into a light layer in the Salesforce architecture. With Forter, merchants have immediate access to the industry-leading, identity-based fraud solution for protection from day one without additional integration time.


The industry-leading fraud solution

Forter’s fully automated, identity-based fraud prevention platform accurately distinguishes between fraudsters and legitimate customers in real-time. The platform utilizes comprehensive data on each customer’s digital identity, through its global data network recognizing over 800 million unique personas. Forter reduces false declines of good customer transactions by as much as 90%, while increasing approvals of legitimate transactions. This accuracy is imperative when the influx of new users puts business growth and reputation on the line. Fraud decisions made by Forter can be backed by a 100% fraud chargeback guarantee, providing merchants with full fee coverage should any approved transactions later result in chargebacks.

Through this partnership, Red Van Workshop and Forter invested in their clients and customers’ security to deliver a flexible and seamless solution that enhances the brand experience while securing transactions without the risk of fraud. Learn more here.


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2 minute read