With food delivery especially, you’re instant or you’re out of pocket. So the speed of the decision was a crucial factor for us.
Doug Ferreira
Director of Financial Operations
2 million+ users and 12,000 merchants across more than 100 cities
Forter customer since 2015

Delivering Fraud Prevention That Can Keep Up

Expediting approvals meant minimal fraud protection

Delivery.com’s ondemand business requires quick confirmation and order fulfillment. Manual fraud reviews proved an operational challenge, as most orders were expected to be fulfilled within an hour, leaving little time for comprehensive reviews. The resulting fraud led to high operational costs and chargebacks impacting revenue.

Providing guaranteed fraud protection at speed

Forter’s fraud prevention solution reduced overhead and chargeback costs, and worked seamlessly with delivery.com’s high-velocity business. With real-time, fully automated, guaranteed fraud decisions, and fraud protection for every touchpoint along the customer journey, customers never experience delays due to fraud prevention.

Reaching a 99.5% approval rate

Forter’s instant decisioning meant seamless shopping and delivery for their customers, no added friction and a 99.5% approval rate. This high approval rate, coupled with minimal chargebacks, and backed by Forter’s chargeback guarantee, means Delivery no longer has to fear fraudulent activity.

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