"The competition for riders is intense, and any friction in the journey can mean lost revenue and potentially a lost rider for life. Forter’s ability to accurately approve riders in real-time means that we don’t have to worry about fraud and can focus on our business.”
Drew Marconi
VP of Marketplace Ops
Founded in 2012, Via is a transportation technology company that currently has more than 150 partners in 20 countries.

Via eliminates friction to create a smooth ride for customers

A lack of sophistication and manual reviews lead to increased friction

To continue their success, Via has to provide riders with a seamless experience, from booking to completing the ride. Initially using a manual system that assigned risk scores to each rider, the approach wasn’t sophisticated enough – creating friction in the process and increasing the risk of not only losing the ride, but the rider, too. 

Automation that enhances every customer’s ride

In evaluating solutions, it was clear Via needed fraud prevention that could accurately assess existing riders, as well as new users, and process each request in real-time. Given the on-demand nature of Via’s service, automating the company’s approach to fraud meant approving and retaining more riders, allowing the team to spend more time with customers instead of manually reviewing transactions.

A smoother ride, positively impacting the bottom line

  • Approval rate increased by 14%
  • Chargeback rate was reduced by 66%
  • Elimination of manual reviews saved more than 20 hours weekly
  • Behavioral data and advanced analytics helped Via process more ride requests in real-time

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