Make automated payment decisions in real time

Maximize your business’ revenues

Leverage fully automated payment decisions to boost conversions and approvals in real-time

Meet compliance requirements

Meet all compliance needs (eg. PSD2, PCI) while minimizing friction and false declines

Gain full visibility into payments

Dive deeper into performance with key insights and KPIs

Why do leading brands choose Forter?

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Automated payment decisions to increase approval rates

“With Forter, we have automated decisions that provide us with the best ways to process each transaction to boost approvals.”

Nitish Pandit, Senior Director of Finance at Priceline
Nitish Pandit
Senior Director of Finance

Smart Routing

Block fraudulent transactions before bank authorization

  • Leverage accurate fraud decisions powered by machine learning, fraud expertise, and customer feedback
  • Provide cleaner traffic to your PSPs and improve your approval rates
  • Eliminate unnecessary processing and authorization costs for fraudulent transactions

Increase conversions while meeting all your risk and compliance requirements

  • Leverage advanced machine learning to trigger 3DS authentication only when required
  • Leverage 3DS authentication to recover declined transactions and maximize your approval ratio
  • Leverage a single agnostic integration that works with any PSP

Automatically route transactions to boost authorizations and minimize costs

  • Route each transaction to the optimal processor in real-time with advanced machine learning technology
  • Maximize approval rates by tapping into the largest network of payment ecosystem data
  • Reduce operational costs and resources with automated, real-time decisions

Recover legitimate transactions that have been declined during the payment flow

  • Identify the best way to recover declined transactions by leveraging the largest network of payment ecosystem data
  • Provide declined shoppers with actionable messaging to ensure that their transaction is ultimately successful
  • Access a comprehensive dashboard for a full view of your payments and transactions

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