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Improve payment performance and enhance card security

Maintain control of your customer payment cards to realize more revenue and provide an excellent customer experience

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Leverage Forter Tokenization for your business

Optimize performance

Streamline the checkout experience and reduce the impact of stale credentials, while reducing interchange fees, and increasing bank authorizations.

Improve payment card security

Securely store payment card data in an external vault to minimize the risk of a data breach.

Minimize PCI burden

Meets compliance standards while reducing the high cost of building a PCI-certified vault (resources, processes, time).

Flexibility to work with any processor

Provides agnostic tokens, enabling integration with any processor for intelligent routing.

Agnostic tokenization to improve payment performance

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PCI Tokenization

Replace sensitive payment data with non-sensitive tokens to increase card security and reduce PCI compliance burden. 

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Network Tokenization

Process with tokens holding the latest card data data directly from card networks to protect revenue while reducing interchange fees and increasing bank authorizations.

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Account Updater

Strategically update primary account numbers (PAN) in real-time to provide a seamless customer experience that avoids unnecessary declines, increases revenue, and minimizes duplicative costs.

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