Published: June 13, 2023
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Written by: Forter Team

Forter’s Chargeback Recovery solution allows merchants to streamline the chargeback process by leveraging automation and AI to resolve disputes intelligently and efficiently, eliminate manual processes, improve recovery rates, and recover lost revenue. 

For Forter merchants requiring fraud chargeback coverage, Forter’s internal Recoveries team relies on the Chargeback Recovery product to dispute fraud chargebacks efficiently to drive higher recovery rates.


Before building the Chargeback Recovery solution, disputing chargebacks produced inefficient ROI due to the required manual work. Teams would need to pull data points, add supporting documentation, write letters manually, convert the letters into approved formats, and log in to different processors for submission. These manual efforts opened opportunities for errors and took time that could be spent fighting more chargebacks and focusing on higher value tasks, such as developing card network and issuer expertise to build more compelling representment letters. 


Chargeback Recovery streamlines operations and significantly reduces these manual efforts. The solution automates the chargeback dispute process by consolidating evidence from the initial transaction and previous history such as order, payments, cyber intelligence information, and more directly into the representment letter. The solution also identifies recommended evidence and pre-populates this evidence into the appropriate fraud or service letter template based on reason code, so teams can ultimately increase both dispute and win rates to recover more revenue.  

Chargeback Recovery also establishes integrations with the different processor portals, so representments can automatically be submitted without logging into other claim management systems. 

Finally, Chargeback Recovery tracks the status of the claims in one central portal across all processors and payment methods, so teams have insight into metrics and results. Now, the team can easily analyze and monitor key performance indicators, such as fight, win and recovery rates and report out to key stakeholders.


Before any automation, the team would spend approximately 20-30 minutes on an individual chargeback. With Chargeback Recovery, the team spends 0-5 minutes disputing a chargeback. With this automation, the team eliminated frustrating manual work and recovered up to 40% of their days that were previously spent on manual tasks. With this time saving, the team can focus on fighting more chargebacks and spending additional time on higher value tasks, including expanding card network and issuer domain knowledge and performing deeper analysis on results. In addition, a few team members were able to transition to help other priority areas of the business. 

As a result, due to the improvements in the chargeback dispute process, the team has seen their recovery rates improve on average by 50%.

Forter Chargeback Recovery

Forter’s Fraud Management and Chargeback Recovery work together to maximize a merchant’s potential to fight fraud and recover lost revenue by intelligently representing (and winning) claims that are otherwise not being fought nor optimized to win. 

Forter’s Fraud Management solution has proven success in minimizing fraud and reducing fraud chargebacks by up to 90%. However, while merchants can significantly reduce chargebacks, they cannot be entirely eliminated, as chargebacks filed by legitimate customers who are confused or engaging in first-party fraud will continue to exist. Chargeback Recovery allows merchants to address the additional 10% of chargebacks that slip through the cracks.

Chargeback Recovery layers on top of the Fraud Management solution to connect order and claims data across payment methods and processors to fight chargebacks. Chargeback Recovery benefits from the power of Forter’s fully automated decision engine to help merchants dispute claims intelligently. 

Together, Forter’s Fraud Management, Chargeback Recovery and Payment Optimization solutions tap into the power of our platform and interoperate to deliver the highest approval rate, lowest chargeback rate, enhanced operational efficiency, and a seamless customer experience. These solutions make fraud chargeback coverage redundant. With more accuracy and significantly lower chargeback rates, you can save on vendor fees, significantly reduce operational expenditures due to automation, and stop paying a premium for fraud insurance, all while delivering better results and economics with Forter. 

3 minute read