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Forter leverages our deep understanding of identities and unmatched decisioning technology to maximize conversions and minimize chargebacks. Let’s break it all down.

Maximize Conversions

Fraud Management makes more accurate, real-time decisions to prevent false declines and approve more genuine customers.

Payment Optimization leverages Forter’s partnerships to share insights that build trust with banks and card networks to increase authorization rates. Our Smart 3DS reduces cart abandonment and authentication failure, increasing approvals for borderline transactions that would have otherwise been declined, and optimizing for PSD2 regulations to maximize exemptions.

Minimize Chargebacks

Fraud Management stops fraudsters in their tracks and significantly reduces chargebacks from the get-go by declining fraudulent attempts that would lead to chargebacks.

Payment Optimization implements Smart 3DS strategically to shift liability to issuing banks, protect revenue and reduce the impact of chargeback losses.

Chargeback Recovery streamlines disputes for all remaining chargebacks by automating the end-to-end process of identification, data consolidation, and management.

Guarantee Results

Forter contractually guarantees both approval and chargeback rates so you can unlock better economics without needing to pay a premium for fraud insurance. With Forter, experience superior results, save on vendor fees, reduce operational expenditures, and stop paying a premium for fraud insurance.

Results Guaranteed

Run Forter for 90 days. We’ll prove we can deliver a lower chargeback rate and higher approval rate than your current vendor, or you pay nothing.

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