Published: January 4, 2022
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Written by: Forter Team

Forter Director of Customer Marketing David Coates recently sat down with Doron Kalinko, co-CEO at, to discuss the tremendous growth the company has experienced in recent months and how the company approaches fraud prevention. is a leading designer eyewear e-retailer shipping glasses to more than 100 countries. 

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In the past eighteen months, the company has seen a massive surge in online shoppers. In the midst of the pandemic, many consumers would rather search for and buy glasses from the comfort of their own homes than go out to a physical retail store. To accommodate these new behaviors, has developed technologies that bring the entire eyeglasses shopping experience online. For example, you can try on glasses with your webcam (and even provide measurements), thanks to the company’s augmented reality technology. 

With the spike in online demand and a need to scale the business, it was clear that having a team manually review each transaction wasn’t sustainable and was creating a bad experience for some legitimate customers. 

By partnering with Forter, the company automated fraud prevention, eliminating the need for manual reviews, reducing the chargeback rate by 59%, and reducing customer service complaints by almost 100%. 

Interested in learning more about how Forter helped increase approvals with automated fraud prevention? Read the case study.

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