Published: September 26, 2019
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Written by: Kayla Parker

On September 19th, the Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association (LFPA) hosted a webinar featuring a panel of experts from a number of leading brands to speak and share their thoughts on loyalty fraud and abuse.

Nir Maayan, Forter’s R&D Center Team Lead of Enterprise Operations joined the panel. Nir leads Forter’s analytical travel efforts – tracking market trends and deep diving into specific fraud and abuse methods that most plague the online travel industry. His expert insights helps tailor Forter’s fraud prevention solution, protecting some of our biggest enterprise clients from dynamic fraud attacks.

niir headshot

During the webinar the panelists looked at the impact of loyalty abuse and fraud, the difference between the two, and why the prevalence of these types of programs is important for travel businesses and their customers. Forter data indicates that loyalty fraud is on the rise, with this method of attack increasing by 89% over the last year. 

Loyalty point programs are becoming more vulnerable to opportunistic fraudsters, and as these types of customer offerings grow more common across merchants, they will need to better understand the pain points in order to protect their business from loyalty fraud.

Listen to the LFPA-hosted webinar below:


59 seconds read