Delivering Secure & Seamless MACH-friendly Experiences with Forter and commercetools

Forter, the Trust Platform for digital commerce, has announced a new strategic partnership and fraud prevention plugin with commercetools, the global leader in composable commerce. Available on the commercetools Integration Marketplace, our MACH-friendly plugin empowers commercetools merchants to deliver instant fraud or policy decisions during checkout, enhancing transaction security, increasing conversions, protecting against chargebacks and elevating the customer experience. 

As retailers scramble to win customer lifetime value (CLTV) and the next era of online shoppers, providing customers with a reliable, trustworthy shopping experience is critical. Any friction, particularly during checkout, can significantly deter customers from finalizing purchases – especially those engaging with a retailer for the first time. 

In fact, in the US alone, 79% of shoppers noted they are likely to abandon their online shopping cart if the checkout process is too difficult or time-consuming. Today, shoppers crave a seamless experience devoid of unnecessary steps and hurdles. The Forter-commercetools plugin removes this friction, and empowers merchants to provide customers with a secure, efficient buying experience that drives CLTV and maximizes revenue growth.

“Our strategic partnership with Forter is a game-changer for commercetools merchants seeking to optimize their fraud prevention strategies,” Blaine Trainor, VP Global Partnerships and Alliances at commercetools, said. “By empowering our merchants to deliver instant fraud and policy decisions at checkout, we’re not just enhancing transaction security – we’re reshaping the customer experience, increasing conversions, and safeguarding against chargebacks.”

Simple Integration Process

commercetools merchants hoping to leverage the Forter plugin will find a straightforward integration process. Being fully customizable, merchants can easily install and support their specific checkout flows, accepted payment methods, and unique storefront setups. This customization ensures a tailored and optimized integration for each merchant’s distinct requirements. 

Comprehensive Marketplace Presence

With Forter’s presence on the commercetools Integration marketplace, merchants can access a comprehensive suite of solutions. The partnership ensures that Forter’s offerings are seamlessly integrated, providing a one-stop shop for merchants seeking advanced fraud prevention and policy decision capabilities.

“First impressions are everything: the customer’s journey is sensitive and can be easily disrupted,” Ryan Quaye, VP of BD & Global Alliances at Forter, said. “The Forter and commercetools partnership creates a seamless and secure checkout experience so merchants can win CLTV, drive revenue and reduce loss. In fact, merchants that switch to Forter reduce their chargeback rate by an average of 72% and false declines by 46%.”