Unbeatable Technology

Digital commerce is built on trust. At every point along the digital commerce journey, businesses must make a critical decision: Can I trust this customer? Answering this simple question accurately and instantly is powerful — it can support seamless scalability and accelerate revenue growth. Forter isolates fraudsters and protects customers, ensuring everyone gets the experience they deserve across the entire customer journey. How do we do it? Forter’s Trust Platform has three core elements that enable it to assess trust instantly for every digital interaction.

Identity Graph
Forter knows who’s behind each interaction—drawing on our first party Identity Graph. Identities that are new to you are known to us, so you can block more fraudsters and approve more legitimate transactions from good customers.
Network Effects
Instead of fighting fraud on your own, you can fight fraud as a consortium with the world’s leading brands. In the past 12 months, over 200,000 businesses trusted Forter to process $350 billion in gross merchandise value. When you partner with Forter, you instantly become part of this network.
Decision Engine
We use the speed of AI to make decisions, the sophistication of machine learning to detect patterns across vast datasets, and the savvy of fraud experts to continuously update our models. We deliver 99% of decisions in under 400 milliseconds so you can offer omni-channel experiences.

Unbeatable Results

Forter’s Trust Platform addresses every critical decision across the digital commerce journey. And as a platform, it includes the necessary points of integration with the ecosystem. That’s how we simplify every aspect of your operation, so you can focus on what matters most. And yes, that means you can increase customer lifetime value, grow revenue and reduce chargebacks. Less effort, more impact. On average, merchants experience the following results when they switch to Forter:
Reduction in chargeback rates
Reduction in false declines

Unlock trust to maximize conversions and minimize chargebacks

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