How It Works

The only fully automated fraud prevention solution

Delivering much more than fraud prevention, our solution uses a database of 175 million identities (and counting) to differentiate customers from fraudsters.

The Forter Method

Machine Learning & Human Expertise

Before Forter, fraud prevention depended on slow manual reviews. In 2013, Michael Reitblat, Liron Damri, and Alon Shemesh joined forces to challenge the status quo and provide merchants with one identity management platform. Working together, they proved that full automation was not only possible but also preferable to the traditional approach and that fraud-related decisions could be issued at every customer touchpoint. The key is a unique combination of machine learning informed by human expertise and ongoing research, all of which makes our fraud prevention tools highly responsive to fast-moving fraudsters who continually devise new ways to steal.


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Fast decisions don’t mean much if they’re wrong. That’s why accuracy is a hallmark of our fraud prevention solution. By continually refining it as new threats emerge, we achieve higher approval rates and lower chargeback rates. In fact, we’re so confident that we offer an optional 100% chargeback guarantee. You pay only for approved transactions — and are covered for any approved transactions that turn into chargebacks — so you have assurance we assume the risk for our decisions.

Machine Learning

How a Complex Algorithm Simplifies Fraud Prevention

The core of our fraud solution is a proprietary algorithm designed to detect fraud in ways that would be impossible with manual reviews.

Data-Driven Decisions

More than 6,000 individual data points inform every decision our solution makes. Manual reviews could never examine a data set this extensive.

Network Effect

When combining the 6,000 data points with our identity database, the resulting network effect helps us uncover hidden connections between accounts and identities — even when they don’t have a single data point in common.

No Rules

While many fraud prevention tools use rule engines, we rely on the network effect and feature engineering to help our algorithm continuously learn from every interaction.

Building a Database

With access to a continuously expanding identity database, our solution can easily distinguish between the customers you need to keep and the fraudsters you need to stop.


Soft-linking is what enables our solution to review numerous loosely connected attributes to understand the full context of customer behaviors and identify suspicious activity.

Research & Development

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Human Insight

A fully automated fraud prevention solution doesn’t mean the machines are taking over. In fact, the exceptional accuracy of Forter’s solution is only possible because our team of fraud experts performs the ongoing, in-depth research required to fine-tune our technology, adapt to new techniques, and customize the solution to your individual needs.


Raw data is only one piece of the puzzle. You'll never see the full picture without expert research and insights.

Gal Sahar

Analytics Manager

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