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Real-time, guaranteed decisions for every transaction straight into your system

Chargeback Guarantee

Merchants love our money-back guarantee, but if that’s not what you’re looking for, we have flexible options for different business needs

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Fast integration

Forter’s developers work to tailor our API to suit your existing platform. Forter’s fraud decisions for every transaction will be visible from within your own system, with further details available in our Decision Dashboard.

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360° fraud prevention

All e-commerce needs

  • Marketplaces
  • Digital Goods
  • Services
  • Physical Goods
  • Travel
  • Mobile (SDK & API)
  • Alternative Payments

Supporting platforms like

Forter Decision Dashboard

Access Fraud Insights

The Forter Decision Dashboard provides a transparent view into each transaction. Additionally, it analyzes your transaction data as a whole to draw out actionable business insights. You can run and export reports for any timeframe, at any time.

Chargeback Guarantee

Forter’s system approves as many orders as possible, learning from good and bad transactions. Chargebacks are a risk which are accounted for with Forter – we guarantee to cover fraud chargebacks. Using the Forter Decision Dashboard, you can submit chargeback information and view paid and pending chargebacks.

Viewing Individual Transactions

Although all fraud decisions will be visible within your own system, further details are available in the Forter Decision Dashboard. You can also give additional feedback to our system, helping to tailor the model to your specific risk profile.

Customer Support Capabilities

You can choose which users have which level of access. Customer Support representatives can view the information relevant to their needs, and provide extra information about individual customers and transactions, but do not have access to the wider business related information contained in the Dashboard.

Additional Features

Phone Order Protection

Our friction-free, real-time phone fraud prevention improves fulfillment time and customer experience by helping process calls more quickly, without breaks caused by sending validation through SMS or email.

Mobile Capability

Forter’s system is designed to accommodate the unique profile of mobile commerce fraud and fraudsters, while optimizing the purchase experience for genuine customers. Integration available through SDK & API.

Alternative Payments

In addition to all standard credit, debit and charge card payments, Forter also works with payments made using PayPal, Google Wallet, etc. and our chargeback guarantee covers these payments as well.

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